Julius playing with his cousin Meya

La Femme Mirroir - Oil Painting - 1*0,8 m.

Playing in the water at Gällnö

Enjoying a day of summer in Varberg

Today it is raining in Stockholm ..but it is so much fun to play in the water:-)

Angelina se baigne - Oil Painting - 130*97cm

EnJOyInG A NiCE IceCrEAm on ThE RIviEra!

pRaCtICing hiS GaME....

ThRoWinG sOMe RockS in ThE PonD..


CoOoL DudE..

JuLius PuTTinG his DoLL tO SLeEp...

JEunE FemmE SurPLoMbaNt Une VilLe - Oil - 70*100

YesteRdaY PICniC in ThE GardEN WitH OliVia & MEya

ExPLOrinG ThE FoREst...

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